Amazing Rocky

Dec 15, 2010 at 13:52 o\clock

Amazing Rocky

Matchbox has never ceases to amaze its loyal patrons since it’s first released ofmatchbox toys. These new breed of Matchbox Trucks has been making a buzz in themarket. Matchbox Trucks that is Mr. Do-It-All that can talk, dance and worklike a real truck as it can load and unload anything unto its back. Rocky TheRobot Truck is definitely one the toys that will change the way your kid seestoys.

Mostof the toys that we see today are either over-hyped or under deliver whichpromises to move or make a noise. Toys that don't fit the description areeasily dismissed as dull and the child may easily lost interest in them. In mytime, I was happy to play with the toy that I created myself by carving driftwoodinto the shape of the sugarcane truck that passed by in my village everyday inthe Philippines.  I would imagine myselfdriving the dump truck and mimic the sound of the big truck by producing it inmy mouth. I would drag my toy truck around the village proudly by pulling itusing abaca leash my grandpa made for me.

Butin a day or two, I easily lose interest with my toy truck because it is tootiring having to drag it around the village and producing the broom, broomsound of the dump truck. My mouth experienced a lock jaw mimicking the sound ofthe truck all day long. Lol!

But Rocky the Robot Truck is a different breed because it is an interactive toy. Ithas different modes of play that your boy will definitely not grow bored easilysince rocky the dump truck can do a lot of things like dance, talk, tell jokesand even sleeps. He even snores while he sleeps!

Ifyou think rocky the robot truck would easily break down because of wear andtear, think again!  It is made of a hardyplastic that is designed to withstand the rigors of playing with a rowdy kid. 

Ifyou are asking if rocky the robot is suitable for you 3 year old boy, my answeris a big YES! He is good for a three year old boy and above.  Children who are under three years old arenot advised to play with rocky especially if he has not outgrown the startlereaction commonly seen in children below three years old because as I’ve saidrocky is noisy and quite loud, a two year old boy might experience a startlereaction from the noises that rocky makes.

Insummary, rocky the robot truck is the perfect interactive for your three yearold boy because he is fun to play with and since he is a talker, rocky therobot truck might help your learn some phrases pre-programmed into rocky thedump truck system.