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Put a little steel in your soul Stainless steel makes a strong fashion statement in kitchens and bathrooms

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Stainless steel has long been a stalwart of the domestic interior; but its role is no longer limited to the humble kitchen sink. Steel splashbacks, plinths, cooker hoods, work surfaces, tables, doors, fascias, taps and bathroom fittings are all increasingly chic additions to stainless steel's repertoire, alongside a handsome range of appliances such as fridges and dishwashers.

Designers have even turned their attention towards that basic kitchen sink. The latest high-end designer sink from German firm Blanco, for example, is the Axis M-60, part of their "A la Carte Elite" collection. It features a main and secondary bowl with a patented prop-up draining rim and multi- functional fitted colander for each bowl, plus a unique safety-glass cutting board which glides smoothly across the main bowl and drainer. Everything and the kitchen sink.

So what is the appeal of steel? On a purely aesthetic level, says Mike Heath, marketing manager of Blanco, "steel will always be a style leader because it can change to suit the environment in which it finds itself". Combining stainless steel units with granite, slate, or marble, is particularly effective, he says. "Customers today prefer natural materials, and it's as though they see stainless steel as one of them; it fits in far better with natural materials than polyester or acrylic." And, he points out, steel is further enhanced by its surroundings. "It reflects back what's around it, while a white sink is just a white sink."

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Less Like a Bathroom, More Like a Spa

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Kohler is well-known for the integrated one-piece custom-shower units known as towers, but its entry into the bathroom-as-spa sweepstakes is a bit of technology called the DTV -- a touch screen ($2,000) that allows multiple users to program their shower preferences, such as temperature, pressure, and up-and-down massage.

"Overall, the showering market is taking off, even though tubs aren't going away," said Keith Kometer, a marketing manager with Kohler. "Women favor tubs, but in our interviews with women, they talk about bathing as a reward and don't want to do it all the time."

Kohler doesn't hold the monopoly on innovation for the home spa. As part of its ShowHouse line, Moen introduced an ExactTemp Thermostatic Valve that allows you to dial a precise water temperature on demand. The valve itself costs about $250, but that's just part of a package -- for example, the ShowHouse by Moen Waterhill Exact Temp with Five Function Transfer Valve Vertical Spa Set in nickel ($2,700).

And ProSun International, manufacturer of tanning equipment, has incorporated ultraviolet lamps and filters in its Sunshower, which promises to tan your skin while you wash ($10,000).

To give the home spa a Zen-like quality, many new bath products feature bamboo, teak and other woods.

Porcher's Tetsu spa collection, for example, is available in a Mozambique natural wood-veneer finish, which is a deep brown, accented by darker veins, with a bamboo finish that adapts to just about any theme.


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Q. I have just been informed by my builder that I can install a bathroom and WC off the kitchen without two doors between the two rooms. He tells me there are new regulations that allow this, providing there is a washbasin and fan, and that only one door is needed to separate the two rooms. Can you confirm this please and tell me when the building regulations were changed?

AP, by e-mail

A. It is commonly assumed that WCs and bathrooms must be separated from habitable rooms by two doors, with a ventilated lobby in between, although in fact this has never been a requirement of the Building Regulations. It would clearly be preferable, especially for a WC adjacent to a kitchen, and is recommended best practice for housing association dwellings and houses in multiple occupation. But your builder is correct to say that only one separating door is required, as long as the room containing the WC is correctly ventilated and contains a washbasin.

Mar 13, 2010 at 10:46 o\clock

Frameless bypass. (Shower Doors).

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Bypass Shower Door


A frameless bypass shower door lends a high-end look to the bathroom at an affordable price. The Paragon Series can be ordered in 1/4-inch tempered glass with through-bolted, solid aluminum towel bars and trim. Finish options include brushed nickel, silver, gold, and white. A 5-foot tub-shower door in 1/4-inch tempered glass lists for $525; a 3/16-inch model lists for $315. Distributors' prices are likely to be lower. 

Mar 7, 2010 at 12:10 o\clock

Kohler K-2175-4-0 Parigi pedestal lavatory with 4 centers, White

Kohler K-2175-4-0 Parigi pedestal lavatory with 4 centers, White


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