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28.04.2010 um 03:37 Uhr

Photography: My Dream, My Passion

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I really love taking pictures since childhood. I can’t tell what my favorite object is because I like almost everything, including natures, babies, animals, and abstract paintings– as long as they are funny, good-looking, and interesting. However, I don’t like much to take pictures to sad people.

Since my parents found out my passion about photography, they became my greatest and number one supporter in everything I do. They believe I can fulfill my dreams to become a professional photographer for models and other popular personalities. Aside from that, I also want to have my own studio where I can use my knowledge in this art.

I know there are still lots of things I don’t know about photography, but I’m patiently taking my time to learn them. At the same time, I never hesitate to share my knowledge to my fellow photography enthusiasts who want to explore their skills in this very interesting hobby. I always welcome suggestions and critics with my outputs. In fact, I am planning to create another blog where I will post my sample shots and let the public evaluate them. But I’m too busy now and I have no enough time to make one.

With the support and motivation of my family and friends, I believe I can achieve all my goals as long as I keep high fashion photography and profound dedication for it. If you’re a photographer enthusiast like me, just follow your dreams and never stop from striving. I know, we can do it.

08.04.2010 um 07:40 Uhr

Milk Photography

I have found this Milk Photography and it caught my attention and interest. If you heard “milk” of course the first thing that put in your mind is a white liquid-milk isn’t it? Try to take a look on my blog and you will find the other use of milk in Milk Photography .



Amazing isn’t it? When I found this photograph I was astounded, it looks like real. The head shot photographer of it is very artistic.

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