All About Final Fantasy

Nov 23, 2009 at 01:41 o\clock

Advent Children on a Rainy Day

Mood: Angry

I really hate reading movie reviews from Rotten Tomatoes. First reason, all their contributors are idiots and, they always complain about the flaws rather focus on a movie's strengths and entertainment value. Rather by posting your egoistic photos and affiliations with the movie industry, why not watch them intensively! What irks me more is on how these guys lambast one of the greatest 3D animated movies of all time: Advent Children.

After two years of having to deal with Meteor, Weapons and Sephiroth, the planet is still in disarray and people tremble in fear because of a newly-found disease called "Geostigma." That's it. For my opinion, the previously concluded battle between Cloud and Sephiroth leaves a trail of doubt whether the two will haveĀ  a rematch (we'll get to that later) and it seems the clout behind all the characters have receeded due to their differences and individual response to the planet's downfall.

Watching the blow-by-blow events was truly a feast. To all Rotten Tomatoes contributors, if you haven't played the original Final Fantasy 7 video game and would go on ranting about a beatifully-rendered CGI masterpiece then, stop influencing others with your contagious, biased nonsense. I couldn't help myself but get angry. Do your homework boys - start reading term papers , rid yourself with masochistic views about movies and start learning that people appreciate art that all of you have disgraced.

Going back, Final Fantasy is a remarkable sequel to FF 7's chaotic world. Cloud did get his hands on Sephiroth through Kadaj's effort to imbue his body with Jenova cells. The reunion with Vincent and the others and Zack and Aerith's farewell made me cry for about five minutes. The movie's just good and watching it again, perhaps on a rainy day would be my alternative.