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May 13, 2015 at 09:41 o\clock

Cross Laser Alignment Applicable for Embroidery Project

It has been more than four years when myself and my cousin are both using cross line generating laser alignment tool in embroidery project. I would have to admit that laser light support two perpendicular lines are highly straight, bright and visible, thus its adoption has made the whole embroidery operation easily and accurately.
I still remember the first time I used cross line laser alignment n embroidery work. I cannot wait to open the package, and let it set up on my embroidery machine. It is a selected 532nm green laser alignment. It is very portable. According to easy and convenient mounting on embroidery machine with the assistance of mounting bracket, I have no worrying about its laser beam stability during operation. Since it is perfect placed, thus any moving or shaking might not affect the aligning result in embroidery work.
I choose external configured DC input power supply type cross line laser alignment. Only after it is connected with electric power supply, it will begin to make continuous two perpendicular lines on processing garment. Any vertical or horizontal green laser line targeting is very straight, bright and highly visible. I make test of its cross line degree of exactly 90 degree. Thus I have no need of worrying about its cross hair alignment result for my work.
I have worked a lot on the structure of cross line generating laser alignment. It is just perfectly designed and manufactured from import laser diode and glass coated cylindrical lens. It can bring me totally different experience from those of commonly used plastic coated lens made alignment laser tool. The superior advantages will be more obvious while green laser line projecting alignment laser is being used at long targeting distance or sunlight working laser line
The special adoption of non gauss light emitting laser alignment tool has just assured super nice cross hair laser line generation on processing embroidery design. With the working distance and line extending, green laser beam will not become darker, dim, but just assured its superior advantage of high beam intensity uniform distribution. Whatever kind of cross line targeting direction, this advanced perpendicular line generating laser alignment tool is efficient enough to make high level of accuracy and high precision cross line on embroidery exactly. It can assure at least 98% accurate, straight green cross line laser generation for embroidery design. Whenever green cross line projecting alignment laser is targeting on garment, I can just make sure lining up along the horizontal and vertical lines accurately. This great laser alignment tool has just made great work on success rate of embroidery machine. alignment laser

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