Afghanistan | Amazing facts about Afghanistan | Afghanistan documentary | Top Ten Wave

Apr 9, 2017 at 06:27 o\clock

Afghanistan | Amazing facts about Afghanistan | Afghanistan documentary | Top Ten Wave

Afghanistan | Amazing facts about Afghanistan | Afghanistan documentary | Top Ten Wave

Amazing facts about Afghanistan | Afghanistan documentary

Afghanistan is an amazing country in the Middle East. Here is two UNESCO World Heritage Sites Name Minaret of Jam and the Bamiyan Buddhas.

The greatest hospitable Afghans mostly enjoy poetry and sports.
Thinking of Afghanistan, Taliban and terrorism scenario arrive with The name Afghanistan. Here are some amazing facts about Afghanistan.

After looking the following facts, you may understand that the country is much more than a war zone.

Fact 10 : Landlocked County

Afghanistan is landlocked with Six Different Countries.
Iran, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, China & Pakistan make Afghanistan a landlocked country.

Fact 9: Night of Poetry

There are numerous imaging Afghanistan facts about local culture. Poetry is a special part of Afghan culture. Afghans have had a history back over 1000 years. Traditionally, their stories are passed down from parents to children in verse. Children, Women and Men meet together on Thursday night to celebrate both ancient & modern poetry. They listen to the traditional Herati music, In the city of Heart with sweet, pastries and teas.

Fact 8: They are Afghans not Afghanis

Afghanistan’s People are called Afghans not Afghanis. Afghanis is their currency. A typical mistake that occurs with most of the people.

Fact 7: Buzkashi or Goat-grabbing

National game of Afghanistan's is called Buzkashi as it’s also known as goat-grabbing by local peoples. It has been played for.

Afghans might want to see this to be an official Olympic game, and it already proposed to Olympic committees on a few events. Olympic committees decide to observed the game and implement more rules to making more standards. It’s already sponsored by Afghan Airlines and different entrepreneurs; it doesn't appear to be likely that it will be an authority Olympic game soon.

Fact 6: Independent Day of Afghanistan’s

19th August is the Independent Day of Afghanistan’s.

Fact 5: World Famous Rugs

World greatest rugs are produce here. Afghan rugs has all world wide popularity.

Fact 4: The land of Opium

Opium is the biggest and quickest growing produce in Afghanistan. Land’s are fertile for Opium. 80% - 90% of heroin sell on Europe that comes from Afghanistan.

Fact 3: Rich in lapis lazuli

Vibrant blue stone is naturally available in Afghanistan, usually it’s called lapis lazuli by name, Generally its used for beautification the tomb of Tutankhamen, the king of Egyptian.

Fact 2: New Year Celebration in Afghanistan

People of Afghanistan doesn’t celebrate there’s New year at 31st December, like as Western Style. 21st March is there’s New year, which is the first day of spring.
Nawroz” is the name of Afghanistan’s new year celebration program. Nowruz is being celebrated for 40 days in Mazar-e-Sharif.

lots of Afghans walk with a large Islamic banner to the town of Mazar e Sharif, Local people raise-up the ‘Janda’. If the Janda lifted easily in the first time, that’s the symbol of starting a great year.

Fact 1:  “The Afghan Girl” Is One of the Most Iconic National Geographic

The green eyed 'Afghan girl' who rose to fame after National Geographic published her picture, as a cover page of their magazines on June 1985. The identity of the young lady was a mystery until 2002. The National Geographic cover Picture of the 12 years old Sharbat Gula, was taken at refugee camp in Pakistan in 1984.

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