About Ricky Arshi

Mar 8, 2014 at 19:19 o\clock

Who is Ricky Arshi?

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Ricky Arshi is a Calgary-based investor who has invested in real estate, oil and gas services, technology start-ups, manufacturing and software. He currently manages several blooming businesses in many industries and sits on the board of a handful of organizations that includes his own personal foundation “Arshi Family Foundation.” 

The last several years of Ricky’s career has flourished with his switch from managing a large sales team of Insurance and Investment advisors to over seeing the investment and syndication division for a medium sized real estate development company. He was tasked to create and manage the syndication and corporate structure for each of the development projects as well look after the financing and management of the companies daily operations to ensure they stayed highly profitable. 

Ricky is always interested in learning about new opportunities as he works closely with small and medium sized funds, a few large investment groups and a couple dozen advisors that all participate in funding new projects.