A Poet in the Sun

Jul 30, 2009 at 10:40 o\clock

A Writer’s Death

by: remembrall   Keywords: literature, poetry

by Wizard Alchemist


Thy blood spills like a stream across thy vein,
As my eyes wakened upon a blinding light of pain;
Where the strange shadows grew bright concealing upon my sight,
There was only I… Alone… Screaming with all my might.

Lying upon this mystical and cold barren land,
I hear sorrowful whispers like a breeze rushing through the sand;
Someone is staring… No, he was looking blankly at me,
As if He knew the inner me that is unlikely to see.

Half dead I was, as I recall thy passion of writing the truth and free,
Yes … A writer I was, devoted to express thy emotions in a spree;
I write what most people do not see but felt upon despair,
With hopes that someday many will listen, respond and share.

Features I provoked had all been written upon the walls of my soul,
Speaking the unblemished truth across thy imaginative and idealistic goal;
With open letters I painted deepest thoughts upon my world,
As I share what people have seen, heard, felt and long been foretold.

Strange feeling grew boldly upon my bare fist,
As I’ve clouded only part of a vengeful truth staggering in the mist;
How I wish that I lived long enough to see the cold grueling sky,
But end has begun and inevitably… I must die.

Thy tormented soul died as a writer,
And began seeking the truth wished upon a prayer…

With all my best regards to my brethren in Writings
I guess this is retirement, as I bid my world… Goodbye.



Wizard Alchemist is a poet and a performance artist from Montreal, Canada. She studied creative writing for 2 years and took a job in paper writing service for a year. She believes that everyone has a creative talent in writing and they just need to find an inspiration that will trigger it.