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Jun 14, 2011 at 03:46 o\clock

Almighty telephoto Warrior Olympus SP-610UZ

In May of this year, the year of release Olympus 14 new product digital camera. Including that today our TianJiWang came review room 610 SP IP tele digital camera. Upgrade as a generation  product-600 UZ SP-version, SP-610-IP in those aspects to update improvement?
A generation on the products, the Olympus SP 610 IP optical zoom range of 15 time suddenly to jumps 22 times. With the focal length of 28 mm wide, 616 mm telephoto range, angle and that have the dual function of the FangDou, can shoot you in the tele us to avoid shaking the self timer is done.
On the hull of hardware performance, with a piece of Olympus 1 / 2.3 "the CCD image sensor and the effective pixels up to 14 million, in ⅲ is from 12 million + image processor TruePic, cooperate, to ensure excellent image output."
On the back of the fuselage, LCD size of "Upgrade 2.7 earlier to 3.0 inch." At the same time in the  new function can shoot Olympus SP 610 IP in addition to its acclaimed art filters, but also the new 3-D photos, Panorama and other functions, with all kinds of environment in the shooting deal demand.
Look overall analysis
From the perspective of general appearance, Olympus SP used 610 IP of still draft of the SLR from the outside. But the products it better than previous generations, Olympus SP 610 IP design more hale, intense feeling restore old ways look, especially in the handle and the   performance of the shoulder is particularly noteworthy.

First, we come to see in the design, the Olympus camera SP 610 IP equipped with a gold 22 x optical zoom lens. Focal length 28-616-mm range covered. And we see the lens coating for green color, product, effective coating can prevent that backlight occurred filming Halo ghost.
IP came on the back of the fuselage, Olympus SP 610 newly equipped with a 3.5-inch 230000 points LCD screen. The size of the LCD screen can shoot our good pictures and ensure playback quality.
In addition to the screen, Olympus SP 610 has IP function areas, what is worth mentioning video record button in the most top alone, arranged of easy operation. At the same time in the top right can also design a rubber rigging, improve the efficiency of photography, keep the stability of the handle, press and hold the camera.

Came to the shoulder, here is divided into two parts. The prominent part in the design here, the shutter bar button, and zoom. And to design in the top of the body, the power button and operation display.