1 oz silver rounds

May 11, 2011 at 06:52 o\clock

1 oz Silver Round as a Form of Investment

If you are looking forward to invest in silver then you have various choices to choose from. The most common ones are the coins, rounds and bars. Silver rounds are pretty much the same as silver coins but with a slight difference that they do not have any real tender value like that of silver coins. A 1 oz silver round almost looks similar to a 1 0z silver coin in the size shape and specifications.  It’s made from silver that is 99.9% pure and weights exactly one troy ounce weight.

1 oz silver rounds are commonly used as return gifts with special designs custom ordered and engraved on it. This is possible because they don’t have the regular print like that of other silver coins.  You can choose silver rounds which are pre designed with various pictures of religion, holidays, weapons, animals and military.

Silver rounds are very easy to be stacked and can be made into rolls, making it easy for shipping and handling of silver. These rounds are available in two forms, generic and branded ones.  The branded ones are minted from some of the best mints in the USA andare made of one ounce of silver. All the branded rounds will have the company logo on it from where it was minted.Generic silver rounds are generally made by the not so popular mints and the smaller companies that are into silver business for a long time.

Some of the important reasons to choose 1 oz silver round over the regular silver coin are:

  • You can buy these at a lower price than the regular 1 oz silver bullion coins and that means same quality silver at a lower cost price.
  • These are more commonly available than that of the government minted bullion coins.
  • Since these are smaller valued coins, it’s easy to use them in daily life for bartering too.
  • They are easy to buy and equally easy to sell too. 
  • For the smaller investors, silver rounds make a very good start up and still not compromise on the silver quality.

So, if you find a 1 oz silver round next time, try and grab it before someone else purchases it and makes the best out of the opportunity.