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Automatic emergency braking can help prevent car crashes or reduce their severity by...

The agreement announced today affects nearly all light-duty cars and trucks with a...

This agreement will expedite automatic emergency braking standards three years faster...

Every time a new safety technology becomes standard on modern cars it adds to the costs...


newsbulletin.nbFooter = ""

//append widget header

$("#newsbulletin > .midcontainer").append("");

$("#newsbulletin > .midcontainer").append(newsbulletin.nbContainer);

$("#newsbulletin > .midcontainer").append(newsbulletin.nbFooter);

newsbulletin.nbDiv = document.getElementById('nbItemContainer');

nbjsId = 0;

newsbulletin.load = function()


//to try and handle caching in webkit browsers

dynamicJS.load('newsBulletin'+nbjsId, newsbulletin.baseloc+'/xmldata/newsbulletin?id=14640490&twOverride=&lpos='+newsbulletin.lpos2+'&section=&'+nbjsId);


//display items

newsbulletin.displayItems = function(nbItemObj)

//check if status update

this.isStatusUpdate = (nbItemObj.label == 'Status Update')?true:false;

//item type class

this.itemTypeClass = (this.isStatusUpdate)?'orange':'blue';

//bg position

this.itemBgPos = '100% 55%';

if(nbItemObj.bgPos != null)

this.itemBgPos = nbItemObj.bgPos;

//author image

this.nbItemStyle = '';

this.nbH4Class = 'class=nbheader';

this.nbH4Style = '';

this.nbItemStyleAuthor = '';

if(nbItemObj.authorimage != null && nbItemObj.authorimage != '')

this.nbH4Style = ' style=width:210px;';

this.nbItemStyle = 'background:url('+nbItemObj.authorimage+') no-repeat bottom right'//+ this.itemBgPos;

this.nbItemStyleAuthor = ' nbItemContentsAuthor'


this.title = '



if(nbItemObj.link != null && nbItemObj.link != '')

this.title = ''


this.text = '';

this.textCapped = '';

this.morelink = 'More'

if(nbItemObj.text != null)

this.text = nbItemObj.text;

//if item is not expanded display capped text if applicable

if(nbItemObj.isExpanded != true)

if(nbItemObj.text.length > 63)

this.textCapped = nbItemObj.text.substring(0, 63);

this.text = this.textCapped + '...';


this.text = this.textCapped + '... ' + this.morelink;


this.social = '';

this.socialStyle = '';

this.authorBlock = '';

this.divider = '';

this.fb = '';

if(nbItemObj.authorfb != null && nbItemObj.authorfb != '')

this.fb = ''

this.twitter = '';

if(nbItemObj.authortwitter != null && nbItemObj.authortwitter != '')

this.twitter = ''

this.bio = '';

if(nbItemObj.authorbio != null && nbItemObj.authorbio != '')

this.bio = ''+nbItemObj.author+''

this.authorBlock = '



if(nbItemObj.author != null && nbItemObj.author != '') this.twitter != '')

this.socialCustomStyle = '';

this.social = this.fb + this.twitter;

this.socialStyle = ' style="height:21px; padding: 2px 0px;' + this.socialCustomStyle + '"';


this.social = '';

this.textStyle = '';

if(nbItemObj.authorimage != null && nbItemObj.authorimage != '')

this.textStyle = ' style=width:208px;';


this.categoryTag = '';

this.nbTextOverride = '';

this.rowTemp = ''+this.title+'






if (nbItemObj.notes)

nbNotes = nbItemObj.notes;

nbNoteStr = '';

nbNoteDivider = '';

$.each(nbNotes, function(idx)

nbNote = nbNotes[idx];

this.noteAuthorBlock = '';

this.notefb = '';

if(nbNote.noteAuthor.facebook != null && nbNote.noteAuthor.facebook != '')

this.notefb = ''

this.notetwitter = '';

if(nbNote.noteAuthor.twitter != null && nbNote.noteAuthor.twitter != '')

this.notetwitter = ''

this.notebio = '';

if(nbNote.noteAuthor.bio != null && nbNote.noteAuthor.bio != '')

this.notebio = ''+nbNote.noteAuthor.name+''

this.noteAuthorBlock = '



this.notesocial = '';

this.noteSocialStyle = '';

if(nbNote.noteAuthor.name != null && nbNote.noteAuthor.name != '')else

this.notesocial = '';

if (idx == nbNotes.length-1)

nbNoteDivider = '';

this.nbNoteDiv = '






nbNoteStr += this.nbNoteDiv;


this.rowTemp += nbNoteStr;

return this.rowTemp;

function showMoreText(id)

//grab old item height

var oldItemHeight = $('#nbItem_'+id).height();

//retrieve the content from the array


//store id a list of opened objects


var newContainerHeight = $("#nbItemContainer").height() + ($('#nbItem_'+id).height()-oldItemHeight);

$("#nbItemContainer").css('height', newContainerHeight);

//reinitialize scroll


lastNBObjStr = '';

function isNewData(data)

isNewTemp = false;

currNBObjStr = '';

$.each(data.updates, function(ind)

currNBObjStr = currNBObjStr + data.updates[ind].objId + data.updates[ind].date;




if(currNBObjStr != lastNBObjStr)

isNewTemp = true;


//console.log('no refresh');

lastNBObjStr = currNBObjStr;

return isNewTemp;

isHeaderLinkLoaded = false; // flag to check if the header link is loaded

isShareLinkLoaded = false; // flag to check if the share link is loaded

isDoneLoading = false; // flag to check if the html is done loading in the jScrollPane

function newsBulletin(data)


isNewDataFlag = isNewData(data);


//clear contents first

newsbulletin.nbDiv.innerHTML = '';


updates = data.updates;

headerLink = data.widgetLink;

shareLink = data.shareLink;

if (headerLink != '' && headerLink != null && !isHeaderLinkLoaded)

var twitterImg = ""

$("#newsbulletin > .midcontainer > .widget_head").append("");

$("#newsbulletin > .midcontainer > .widget_head > .twitterLink a > .twitterContent").append("" + twitterImg + "");

isHeaderLinkLoaded = true;

//clear the author cutouts array

newsbulletin.authorCutouts = [];

// check to see if there is a height set for container, if so clear it

// prevents cacheing

var hasHeight = $('#nbItemContainer').attr('style');

if (typeof hasHeight != 'undefined')


$.each(updates, function(ind)

var itemDetails = new Object();

it = updates[ind];

//populate the itemDetails object

itemDetails.id = it.objId;

itemDetails.title = it.title;

itemDetails.objType = it.objType;

itemDetails.link = it.link;

itemDetails.date = it.date;

itemDetails.label = it.label;

itemDetails.author = it.author.name;

itemDetails.authorbio = it.author.bio;

itemDetails.authorfb = it.author.facebook;

itemDetails.authortwitter = it.author.twitter;

itemDetails.feed = it.feed;

itemDetails.category = it.category;

//set defaults if item is a status update

if(itemDetails.label == 'Status Update')

if(it.author.image == '')

it.author.image = 'http://a.abcnews.com/assets/images/abc_news_logo_84x84.png'

if(it.author.name == '')

itemDetails.author = 'ABC News'

itemDetails.authorfb = 'http://www.facebook.com/abcnews'

itemDetails.authortwitter = 'http://twitter.com/abc'

//only pass the author image if it's not displayed in any of the items yet

if($.inArray(it.author.image, newsbulletin.authorCutouts) == -1)

itemDetails.authorimage = it.author.image;

//add to ignore list

if(it.author.image != '' &&($.inArray(it.author.image, newsbulletin.authorCutouts) == -1))


if(it.text != '')

itemDetails.text = it.text;


itemDetails.bgPos = 'bottom right';

if (it.notes)

itemDetails.notes = it.notes;

//build a name value pair list of id/text

contentObject[itemDetails.id] = itemDetails.text

itemDetails.isExpanded = ($.inArray(itemDetails.id, fullTextList) > -1) ? true : false;

//build markup




//set the height of container div


if (shareLink != '' && shareLink != null && !isShareLinkLoaded)

$("#newsbulletin > .midcontainer > .nbFooter").css("height":"35px", "border-top":"1px solid #d5d5d5", "border-bottom":"border-bottom:1px solid #eaeaea");

$("#newsbulletin > .midcontainer > .nbFooter").append("");

isShareLinkLoaded = true;


if ($.browser.version .midcontainer > .nbFooter").css("display":"none");

var timeoutId = setTimeout(function()

$("#newsbulletin > .midcontainer > .nbFooter").css("display":"block");


, 3000);

dynamicJS.unload('newsBulletin'+nbjsId, newsbulletin.baseloc+'/xmldata/newsbulletin?id=14640490&'+nbjsId);

isDoneLoading = true;

if ($.browser.webkit)

if(nbjsId .midcontainer > .nbFooter").css("display":"none");

var timeoutId = setTimeout(function()

$("#newsbulletin > .midcontainer > .nbFooter").css("display":"block");


, 3000);











// we could call "pane.jScrollPane(settings)" again but it is

// more convenient to call via the API as then the original

// settings we passed in are automatically remembered.

// Initialization of the container should be done after all the markup has been loaded

// since there is no listener that could be passed into reinitialise() for callback

if (isDoneLoading)


isDoneLoading = false;

, 5000);



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Research and Markets: Turbines & Turbine Generator Sets - Global Strategic Business Report Profiles 154 Companies Including Many Key and Niche Players Worldwide Such as ABB, Alstom Power Generation and Caterpillar, Inc.

DUBLIN, Ireland -- Research and Markets

(http://www.researchandmarkets.com/reports/c62437) has announced the

addition of Turbines & Turbine Generator Sets - Global Strategic

Business Report to their offering.

This report analyzes the worldwide markets for Turbines &

Turbine Generator Sets in Megawatts. The specific product segments

analyzed are Hydraulic Turbines, Steam Turbines, Gas Turbines, Wind

Turbines, and Others. The report provides separate comprehensive

analytics for the USA, Canada, Japan, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East

and Latin America. Annual forecasts are provided for each region and

product segment for the period of 2001 through 2010. The report profiles

154 companies including many key and niche players worldwide such as

ABB, Alstom, Alstom Power Generation, Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited,

Caterpillar, Inc., GE Energy, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Pratt &

Whitney, Rolls Royce Plc, Siemens AG, and Vestas Wind Systems. Market

data and analytics are derived from primary and secondary research.

Company profiles are mostly extracted from URL research and reported

select online sources.

Content Outline:


II. Executive Summary



Some of the Companies mentioned:

* ABB AS (Norway)

* ABB Automation (France)

* ABB Drives And Motors (USA)

* ABB Limited (Switzerland)

* ABB Limited (UK)

* Acciona Energia (Spain)

* Acciona Windpower (Spain)

* Advanced Energy Systems Ltd (Australia)

* Aerodyn AB (Sweden)

* AES Corporation (USA)

* Agile Turbine Technology LLC (USA)

* Aker Kvaerner ASA (Norway)

* Alstom (France)

* Alstom Belgium Power NV (Belgium)

* Alstom Finland Oy (Finland)

* Alstom Hrvatska http://seoathens.gr - Search Engine Optimization Athens - doo (Croatia)

* Alstom Norway AS (Norway)

* Alstom Portugal SA (Portugal)

* Alstom Power (Steam Turbines) (UK)

* Alstom Power AG (Germany)

* Alstom Power Austria GmbH (Austria)

* Alstom Power Environment SA (Spain)

* Alstom Power Generation (USA)

* Alstom Power India Ltd (India)

* Alstom Power Sp zoo (Poland)

* Alstom South Africa Pty, Ltd (South Africa)

* Ampliflaire (UK)

* AN Windenergie (Germany)

* Andritz AG (Austria)

* Andritz VA Tech Hydro (Austria)

* Ansaldo Energia SpA (Italy)

* Avio Group SpA (Italy)

* B Maier Wasserkraft GmbH (Germany)

* B+V Industrietechnik GmbH (Germany)

* Balino SA (Spain)

* Beijing Steam Turbine Generator Co, Ltd (China)

* Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (India)

* Blue Energy Systems (Canada)

* BTEC Turbines LP (USA)

* Calder AG (Switzerland)

* Camar Corporation (USA)

* Capstone Turbine Corporation (USA)

* Cargo & Kraft Turbin AB (Sweden)

* Caromet (Romania)

* Castec Co, Ltd (Korea)

* Caterpillar, Inc (USA)

* Centrax Ltd (UK)

* Cielo Wind Power (USA)

* CINK Hydro - Energy Sro (Czech Republic)

* CKD Blansko Engineering AS (Czech Republic)

* Complex (Ukraine)

* Cullum Detuners Ltd (UK)

* Cummins Power Generation (USA)

* Delta Project SA (Greece)

* Dewind Technik (Germany)

* Dongfang Steam Turbine Works Co, Ltd (China)

* Dresser Rand SA (France)

* Dresser-Rand A/S (Norway)

* Dresser-Rand GmbH (Germany)

* Dresser-Rand Group, Inc (USA)

* Duro Felguera SA (Spain)

* E B Mcdonald Ltd (New Zealand)

* Ebara Corporation (Japan)

* Ecotecnia (Spain)

* EEI Srl (Equipaggiamenti Elettronici Industriali) (Italy)

* EKOL Spol Sro (Czech Republic)

* Elliott Company (USA)

* Enel GreenPower (Italy)

* Enercon GmbH (Germany)

* Energomash Corporation (Russia)

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The Importance of a Sales Letter Writing

In today's world, where email has outpaced every other modes of communication, many people might wonder the need for letter writing. Emails, more precisely automated emails, can be sent at a fraction of time, when employing the resources required for developing a sales letter are compared. The truth, however, is quite contrary. An email can never achieve the impact that a well-written letter can generate. Be it sales, cover, or a presentation, in fact you cannot afford to ignore a sales letter.

What is a sales letter?

A sales letter is form of direct mail, may be an email, or printed mail, in which an advertiser sends a letter to a potential customer. How does a sales letter writing differ from writing an email? The difference between an ordinary email and a sales letter is that a sales letter is much more elaborate and eye catching, and if properly laid out, can be more enticing. This calls for the effectiveness of a sales letter when compared to emails.

What constitutes a winning sales letter?

The content of a letter should be planned well. This will help in a systematic and useful communication. A very effective way of writing a sales letter is by first jotting down the points and then elaborating each one. This is a fail-safe method and ensures omission of important highlights.

Language goes a long way in determining the success of a sales letter. The web has lot of examples of well-designed and planned sales letter those have failed to create the desired effect due to language constraints.

Remember, language is all about communicating to your visitors. It doesn't pay to brandish your command over language if the message is not clear and well understood by your targets.

Important language selection tips:

Always use formal language for business letters, cover letters. Personal letters can have a more flexible language. However, you should be judicious in selecting the tone for your letter lest it create an adverse effect.

Use a catchy headline. Remember, a headline is the first step to your success. A visitor will certainly not take the initiative to go through the rest of your sales letter if he doesn't find the headline attractive enough. You are at liberty to use an informal language here.

Try to make your points in least number of words. Remember that people do not have time to read long letters and will simply totally ignore the letter if it does not appeal to them in the first glance.

SEO copywriting should be done as if addressed to an individual. This will make the reader feel more comfortable, and make him feel as if his individual needs are being catered.

Be acquainted with all the latest writing techniques, which, are continuously evolving. Headlines, bullets, simple language etc, all go a long way in defining the effectiveness.

Different people need a different type of approach to be convinced. You cannot make your sales letter to suit each and everyone directly. However, sticking to the basics ensures that a judicious approach is maintained, that will help you address your target in a broader scale.

Article Source : http://www.synapseinteractive.com/articles/the-importance-sales-letter.html

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Joanna Vaiou

SEO Greece Expert | Global SEO Services | Brand Reputation Manager Expert

Joanna Vaiou Quick Facts

Main Areas: Search Engine Optimization, SEO Training, Social Media SEO, SEO Audits, Web Analytics, CRO

Career Focus: Independent Consultant | Strategist | Tutor | Trainer

Joanna Vaiou is an SEO Expert Consultant from Greece with experience in internet marketin, seo and social media since March 2009!

After getting involved with self improvement training, courses and resources she managed to make a decision to start a whole new career in Internet Marketing starting from scratch. Self-coaching and self-improvement education was her supporting invisible mentor.

From 2013 and after, she offers independent consulting and training serices to individuals, coprporations and small businesses that want to know how to take advantage of what Search Engine Optimization (art or science) has to offer for a business's sustainability and accelerating growth.

Joanna can be also reached via plenty of contact avenues from which you can choose your favorite below.

SEO Services, Training and Educational Areas include:

Brand Reputation Management on top page of Google

OnSite SEO

OffSite SEO

Link Building

Content Marketing Tips

Google Analytics

Google WebMasterTools

Technical SEO Audits

Social Media SEO

Conversion Rate Optimization Strategies

Overall Web Presence Optimization

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