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Traffickers use abductions, prison ships to feed Asian slave trade | Reuters

PHANG NGA ThailandWhen Afsar Miae left his home near Teknaf in southern Bangladesh to look for work last month, he told his mother, "I'll see you soon." He said he expected to return that evening.

He never did.

When he reported for work at a house on the outskirts of Teknaf, a man there gave him a drink of water. Soon, his eyelids sagged and his head started spinning.

When he awoke, it was dark. He had lost all sense of time. Two Bangladeshi men then forced him and seven others onto a small boat and bound them.

"My hands were tied. My eyes were blindfolded," said Miae, 20.

The boat sailed through the night until it reached a larger ship moored far offshore. Miae was thrown into its dark, crowded hold by armed guards. He and his fellow captives survived on scraps of food and dirty water, some of them for weeks.

The ship eventually sailed toward Thailand where, as Reuters reported last year, human-trafficking gangs hold thousands of boat people in brutal jungle camps until relatives pay ransoms to secure their release.

Testimonies from Bangladeshi and Rohingya survivors provide evidence of a shift in tactics in one of Asias busiest human-trafficking routes. In the past, evidence showed most people boarded smuggling boats voluntarily. Now people are being abducted or tricked and then taken to larger ships anchored in international waters just outside Bangladeshs maritime boundary.

Its unclear exactly how many people are being coerced onto the boats. But seven men interviewed by Reuters who said they were taken by force described being held until the boats filled up with hundreds of people in what are effectively floating prisons. Two of the men were taken to trafficking camps in Thailand.


The experiences of these men recall the trans-Atlantic slave trade of centuries ago. Miae and four other men who were held on the same ship as him described being kept in near total darkness and being regularly whipped by guards. Two men from another boat said they were forced to sit in a squatting position and that the hatch to the hold was only opened to remove dead bodies.

Miae and 80 other men were abandoned, starving and dehydrated, on a remote island by their captors, who appear to have fled for fear their operation had been exposed, according to two local Thai officials who were involved in rescuing the men in Phang Nga, located just north of the popular tourist island of Phuket.

"Their conditions were beyond what a human should have to go through," said Jadsada Thitimuta, an official in Phang Nga. "Some were sick and many were like skeletons. They were eating leaves."

More than 130 suspected trafficking victims, mostly Bangladeshis but also stateless Rohingya Muslims from western Myanmar, have been found in Phang Nga since Oct. 11, according to Thailands Ministry of Social Development and Human Security. Prayoon Rattanasenee, the acting governor of Phang Nga province, said that interviews conducted by police, rights groups and his own people revealed that the victims were brought by force. Many were drugged but we dont know the exact number, he told Reuters.

Evidence indicates that many of the boats appear to be from Thailand. The abducted men recalled ships with either Thai flags or Thai-speaking crews. In June, six people were killed and dozens injured when a mutiny broke out in Bangladeshi waters on what the Bangladesh Coast Guard described as a Thai trawler trafficking hundreds of men to Thailand.

The Bangladesh Coast Guard told Reuters it was aware of trafficking ships lurking just outside Bangladeshs territorial waters. Intercepting them wasnt easy, said Lieutenant Commander M. Ashiqe Mahmud.

"At night they enter our waters, take the people and again cross the boundary," he said. "It is very difficult to identify those ships at sea."

Ashiqe said the coast guard was intercepting smaller boats that were leaving Bangladeshi shores with people to feed the larger ships. A report in August by the United Nations refugee agency UNHCR said that in the first half of the year, Bangladeshi authorities reportedly arrested over 700 people (including smugglers and crew) attempting to depart irregularly by sea from Bangladesh."

The Royal Thai Navy, which patrols the coastline with the Marine Police Division, also said it was aware people were being held captive on ships off its coast. "The truth is they use fishing boats to transport people and the bottom of the boat becomes like a room to put the people [in], but it seems like a commercial fishing boat, said Royal Thai Navy spokesman Rear Admiral Kan Deeubol.

The ship on which Miae was held set sail with its human cargo for Thai waters four days after he was taken aboard. Others interviewed by Reuters say they spent up to six weeks in the hold of the ship anchored in the Bay of Bengal. Fourteen armed guards were aboard, said Miae.

The men were forced to squat for much of their journey and sometimes had their hands and feet bound with rope or cloth. The guards routinely beat them with sticks or whipped them with rubber fan belts.

Food was a handful of rice a day, or nothing at all. What little drinking water they received was contaminated with sea water. "We tasted it in our hands and it was salty," said Muhammed Ariful Islam, 22, a Bangladeshi fruit vendor who was on the same boat as Miae.


Miae, who left behind his wife and three children, said he was kidnapped. "I never thought I would leave Bangladesh," he said, sitting in a government shelter in Phang Nga.

Thats a change. In the past, many impoverished Rohingya Muslims from Myanmar and Bangladesh voluntarily boarded small, local fishing boats heading across the Bay of Bengal in the hope of reaching Muslim-majority Malaysia where they could find work. Smuggling, done initially with the consent of those involved, differs from trafficking, which involves entrapment, coercion and deceit.

Thai authorities say the existence of the boats in which people are being held against their will is a response to the more strenuous efforts they are making to combat trafficking. Police operations have led to the rescue of 200 to 300 trafficking victims in the past six months, said Police Major General Thatchai Pitaneelaboot, who is in charge of counter-trafficking operations for immigration police in southern Thailand.

The traffickers have become more sophisticated and cautious, partly because of the Thai government policy to crack down, he said.

The countrys military government says it is beefing up cooperation with neighboring Malaysia and has registered more than one million illegal migrant workers to prevent them falling prey to traffickers. Thats a big step, said Sek Wannamethee, a spokesperson for theMinistry ofForeign Affairs.

Human rights groups say the growing use of force is because trafficking has become increasingly lucrative, not because of any new measures taken by Thailand. Competition between a rising number of people smugglers explains why they are resorting to kidnapping, said Chris Lewa of the Arakan Project, a Rohingya advocacy group. "There are always five to eight boats waiting in the Bay of Bengal. And the brokers are desperate to fill them."

Matthew Smith, the executive director of Fortify Rights, an organization that documents human rights violations in Southeast Asia, said the size of the ships being used by traffickers has increased as business is thriving and the trafficking rings are able to operate largely with impunity.


A series of Reuters investigations in 2013 revealed the complicity of some Thai authorities in smuggling Rohingya and in deporting them back into the hands of human traffickers.

Thailand was downgraded in June to the lowest category in the U.S. State Department's annual ranking of the world's worst human-trafficking centers, putting it in the same category as North Korea and the Central African Republic. The same month, the Thai military vowed to "prevent and suppress human trafficking," after having seized power from an elected government on May 22.

Five months later, jungle camps are still holding thousands of people in remote hills near the border with Malaysia, according to testimonies from two recent escapees and a human smuggler.

The men and women aboard the prison ships who reach Thailand are sold for $200 each to trafficking gangs, according to one of two Rohingya men interviewed by Reuters who recently escaped from the trafficking camps.

"The camps are running very smoothly," the human smuggler, based in southern Thailand, told Reuters.

The smuggler, a long-time Rohingya resident of Thailand who spoke on condition of anonymity, estimated there were up to eight large camps holding 2,000 to 3,000 people at any one time.

The two men who recently escaped described the brutality in the camps. One of them told Reuters he witnessed camp guards gang-raping a woman.

Police Major General Thatchai describes a vast and complex trafficking network in which Bangladeshis and Rohingya kidnap and trade their own people with the help of nationals from Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia and Pakistan. "It's transnational crime," Thatchai said.

The United Nations refugee agency UNHCR confirmed the existence of "bigger fishing or cargo vessels" that carry up to 700 passengers across the Bay of Bengal to Thailand a five- or six-day journey.

This time of year is rush hour for smugglers and traffickers. October marks the start of the four-month "sailing season," the busiest time for smuggling and trafficking ships plying the Bay of Bengal.

The Thai Navys Kan said most of the boats and crews were from Thailand and that patrols against traffickers had been increased in the countrys territorial waters. But Kan said the bigger boats were operating beyond Thailands maritime boundaries, in international waters, and so the navy couldnt move against them.


Under the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS), to which Thailand is a signatory, each nation shall take effective measures to prevent and punish the transport of slaves in ships authorized to fly its flag. The Navy didnt respond to queries on why it wasnt acting against trafficking ships carrying the Thai flag outside its territorial waters.

Robert Beckman, the director of the Center for International Law at the National University of Singapore, said the Thai Navy would have jurisdiction over a ship flying a Thai flag in international waters.

Under UNCLOS it had a right, not an obligation, to act against someone suspected of engaging in the slave trade, he said. The uncertain state of the law on these matters, Beckman added, meant that navies and coast guards were usually very reluctant to arrest persons outside their territorial waters, especially if they are on ships flying the flag of another state.

Interviews with two Rohingya, who in early October escaped from a Thai trafficking camp, corroborate the testimonies of the Phang Nga victims. They also suggest the slave ships have been operating for some time.

Mohamad Nobir Noor, 27, says he was living in an impoverished Rohingya settlement in Bangladesh, near the border with Myanmar, when he was taken. One September evening last year, men with knives and sticks forced him onto a small boat that sailed all night to reach a larger vessel moored at sea.

It would eventually hold 550 people, Noor estimated.

They were guarded by 11 men with guns, he said. Most were Thai speakers but one was Rakhine, the majority Buddhist ethnic group in Rakhine State, where communal violence since 2012 has killed hundreds and left 140,000 homeless, most of them Rohingya.

About 30 of those being held were women. "There was one woman who was very beautiful, said Noor. The guards took her upstairs. When she came back she was crying and her clothes were wet. She didn't say anything."

Drinking water was so scarce that Noor said he drank his own urine to survive. When someone died, a small group of men was permitted to carry the body up on deck. A quick prayer was said and then the bodies were thrown into the water. For the sharks," Noor said.


Once, Noor tried to escape by jumping overboard during a trip to the toilet. The guards dragged him back in and gave him electric shocks with wires attached to the ship's generator, he said.

Usually, most passengers were too physically weak or terrified to confront the guards. But, on at least one occasion, desperation trumped fear.

On the morning of June 11, the Bangladesh Coast Guard arrived off the coast of St. Martins Island, in Bangladesh waters, to record the bloody aftermath of a high-seas firefight that followed a mutiny aboard a Thai trafficking ship. Desperate for food and water, passengers had overwhelmed the crew. But another trafficking ship quickly arrived and its crew opened fire on the mutineers, said Lieutenant Commander Mahmud of the Bangladesh Coast Guard.

Six people were killed and 30 sustained bullet injuries. Among the injured were two Thai crew members and one Myanmar human trafficker, according to a Bangladesh Coast Guard statement.

A record 40,000 Rohingya passed through the Thai camps in 2013, Lewa of the Arakan Project said. They are held captive until relatives pay the ransom to traffickers to release them over the border in Malaysia, she said.

By early 2014, not just Rohingya but other nationalities were also ending up in the trafficking camps. In a series of raids earlier this year, Thai police found hundreds of Bangladeshis, as well as Uighur Muslims from China's restive northwestern province of Xinjiang.

The camps were also the likely destination of the Bangladeshis rescued in Phang Nga. But something went wrong.

They were brought ashore at the remote island in Phang Nga under cover of darkness. Phang Nga official Jadsada says he believed they were about to be transferred by road to another location, but a tip-off to the authorities compelled their captors to flee.

Local officials have yet to account for another 190 passengers they believe came on the same boat as Miae and Islam from Bangladesh via the Bay of Bengal. Jadsada said they might already be trapped in trafficking camps.

(Reporting By Peter Hirschberg; Additional reporting by Serajul Quadir in Dhaka and Mohammad Nurul Islam in Cox's Bazar; Editing by Peter Hirschberg and Bill Tarrant)

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Top 10 Asian Golf Courses

It has only been a few decades since golf took off in Asia, but the speed and growth of its popularity has been phenomenal.

As a result, many countries in Asia have constructed and developed world-class golf courses and resort, many of which remain hidden gems to those outside the continent.

Here's a look at ABCNews.com's recommendations for 10 of Asia's top golf courses that might be worth a visit.

Misson Hills Golf Club, Shenzhen, ChinaThe grandiose scope and scale of the Chinese is reflected here in southern China where 12 18-hole golf courses, or 180 holes in total, spread across an area of about 5,000 acres. Just 30 minutes outside of Hong Kong, Mission Hills is the world's largest golf complex and also houses three golf academies, a 5-star resort, three world-class spa facilities and residential developments.

nullIn November, Mission Hills will host the $5.5 million World Cup of Golf tournament for the third successive year.Each of the twelve courses is designed by and named after some of the world's most famous golf legends: Jack Nicklaus, David Duval, Pete Dye, Nick Faldo, David Leadbetter, Jumbo Ozaki, Ernie Els, Vijay Singh, Greg Norman, Jose Maria Olazabal, Annika Sorenstam, and Zhang Lian Wei.

For golfers with jet lag, night golf equipped with floodlights is available until 2 am.

Greens fees range from $200 to $263, cart and caddie fee not included.

nullKawana Resort, Ito, JapanKnown as the Pebble Beach of Japan, Kawana Hotel and its two golf courses are built along red cliffs facing the Pacific Ocean, with the legendary Fuji Mountain as the backdrop. The Oshima course is Japan's first golf course designed by Otani Komyo in 1928. The Fuji course designed by British golf architect Charles H. Allison in 1932 is more for lower handicap golfers -- challenging and with deep bunkers -- but the panoramic view of Mt. Fuji from the greens is simply breathtaking.

nullThe hotel is built based on an old English country estate with a bit of Spanish influence but the rooms offer Japanese-style suites. It is a nice weekend getaway, just a two-hour bullet train ride from Tokyo. Kawana was the honeymoon destination for Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio.Greens fees: $296 weekdays/$380 weekends

Pinx Golf Club, Jeju Island, South KoreanullThe first Korean course to make the 100 best courses list compiled by U.S. Golf Digest and U.K. Golf World, Pinx golf course offers 27 holes with a spectacular view of the Halla Mountain and the blue ocean. The course is specifically designed to preserve nature by keeping volcanic cones spread across the island on a grassy plane.Pinx is a private country club, but tee times are open to visitors from time to time if reservations are made early enough. Chances are better if booked through a luxury hotel concierge desk. The Podo Hotel run by the golf club is highly recommended if looking for a calm and zen-like atmosphere for a night or two. The award-winning boutique hotel has 26 rooms with panoramic views of the ocean or traditional Korean-style garden views.

nullGreen fees: $100 to $120 plus about $200 for caddie fee and cart rental per team.The resort is blessed with refreshing spring-like weather all year round. Perfect for idyllic family trips, the resort is just 45 minutes from the airport and offers 73 luxurious Club Lodges Rooms and more than 200 units of resort villas that come with personal butlers.

Two championship golf courses are surrounded by rolling mountains and beautiful natural lakes. the Jack Nicklaus-designed mountain course designed is recommended for beginners, and the more difficult and windy Lake course designed by Robert Trent Jones Jr. is suitable for low handicap golfers.

Greens fee: $240 (weekdays) and $284 (weekends)

Blue Canyon Golf Club, Phuket, ThailandThree-time host of the Johnnie Walker Classic, this 36-hole country club in Phuket is built on an abandoned tin mine surrounded by rubber plantations. The Canyon Course and the Lakes Course are cradled in a 720-acre valley where each hole has a magnificent view of the beautiful Phang Nga Mountains and the Andaman Sea.

For golfers with water hazard phobias the Canyon Course may well turn out to be a nightmare. Designed around freshwater lakes, there are 14 water hazards with a number of challenging par 3s. For long drivers, try out hole 13 -- "The Tiger Hole -- across the lake, bunkers, and trees for a par 4 'one-on'. The hole is named after Tiger Woods who once shot across 270 yards from the black tee past the canyon plunging into deep waters and successfully landed his spectacular drive shot on the green.

The club's spa lodge offers rooms, suites and apartments that have up to five bedrooms.

Greens fee: Canyon Course $165, Lakes Course $118, cart and caddie fee not included.

Nirwana Bali Golf Club, Bali, IndonesiaThis 18-hole par 72 course designed by Greg Norman is surrounded by beautiful scenery of rice paddies, tropical trees, creeks and the Indian Ocean. Along the right side of hole 12, Balinese temples under tall coconut trees welcome golfers. The most dramatic tee shot will be the par 3 hole 7, which measures 214 yards from the tee box past the fairway across the Indian Ocean and onto the green. Make sure the check the speed and direction of the ocean wind and choose at least one club longer that you'd normally use.

Tee times are not easily accessible so it is safer to make reservations at least five days in advance.

Greens fees range from $165 to $175, caddie and cart included.

The year-round humid weather in Singapore may not offer the most pleasant experience, but early morning or late afternoon rounds are not so bad.

The Sentosa Golf Club is only 30 minutes away from the main shopping Orchard Road district where most foreigners stay and shop. The two courses -- The Serapong and The Tanjong -- boast beautiful landscapes carved inside the resort island with plenty of colorful flowering trees, towering palm trees, and lotus ponds.

Panoramic views of the Singapore harbor and the South China Sea throughout the 36 holes offer a unique experience. If faster greens are favored, The Serapong course is recommended. It just went through an $8.5 million renovation in 2007 upgrading course design and greens technology.

Green fees: $229 to $358, cart fee not included.

The Golf Club Datai Bay, Langkawi, MalaysiaGolfing in Datai Bay could be a unique once in a lifetime experience, swinging golf clubs instead of machetes inside a jungle. Throughout the 18-hole par 72 course, lucky animal lovers can easily spot monkeys, iguanas, snakes, scorpions or anacondas, all danger-free according to the golf course managers.

Golf Club Datai Bay boasts beautiful scenery with views of the Andaman Sea and is surrounded by a rain forest millions of years old in an 8,000 acre Gunung Mat Chin-Chang forest reserve.

Greens fee is $120.

Located within the Phoenix Seagaia Resort Complex, 27 challenging holes -- Sumiyoshi, Takachiho, and Nichinan -- are nestled amid a lush black pine forest just along the coast of the blue waters of the Hitotsuba Pacific. An additional Tom Watson golf course is built within the complex.

The resort hosts Japan's highest-prized Dunlop Phoenix Tournament every year on the Sumiyoshi and Takachiho course. Poor putters must hold their breaths, as greens on this golf course are extremely fast most of the time.

Greens fees range from $200 to $440.

Ria Bintan, Bintan, IndonesiaRia Bintan boasts two 18-hole championship golf courses set around powdery white beaches, pristine emerald waters and lush tropical forests. Just a 40-minute ferry ride away from Singapore, this resort is one of the favorite destinations among expatriate families residing in Southeast Asia.

The resort is an 1,100-acre project that includes Club Med Ria Bintan and more than 1,500 resort homes in front of the beach. Both the Ocean Course and the Forest Course were designed by Gary Player. But if there's only time for one round of golf, the Ocean Course offers fabulous scenic views in and out of the jungle and the oceanside. Beware of tough bunkers wrapped around with high grass.

Greens fees range from $78 to $109, plus $14 caddy fee.

Sehee Park, Heejin Kim, Danbee Lee and Monica Suk contributed to this article.

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The 12 Most Luxurious All-Inclusive Resorts in the World | Oyster

Let's face it -- all-inclusive vacations really take the worries out of travel. No matter the destination where you're heading on your all-inclusive getaway, it's nice to know that once you get there, everything will already be taken care of; that is, as long as you pick a top-notch spot that won't shock you with any unwanted surprises. During our travels, we've discovered that there are all kinds of all-inclusive resorts, from adults-only to budget-friendly, from family-focused to downright unusual. But we must say, "luxurious" may be our favorite. Take a look at our 12 favorite all-inclusive luxury resorts around the world.

-- Alex Creange, Oyster.com

Parrot Cay and COMO Shambhala Retreat, Turks and Caicos


Set on a private island accessed via a 30-minute boat ride from Providenciales, Parrot Cay and COMO Shambhala Retreat offers a level of privacy and intimacy unavailable anywhere else in Turks and Caicos. With an incredible infinity-edge pool, world-renowned COMO Shambhala Spa, waterfront Balinese-style villas, doting service, and more than three miles of pristine beaches, Parrot Cay is easily one of the most luxurious hotels in all of the Caribbean. You'll be pampered by personal butlers, wined and dined by incredible restaurants and bars, and will certainly leave your vacation feeling refreshed -- especially if you indulge in treatments at the exclusive spa.

Spice Island Beach Resort, Grenada


Opened in 1961 on the golden sands of Grand Anse Beach, Spice Island Beach Resort is still one of the most elegant and well-regarded resorts on Grenada. After undergoing a complete renovation in 2013, the resort's immaculately kept grounds, bright and breezy rooms, and effortlessly chic decor fulfill its promise to be "a place of unpretentious luxury." Here, the all-inclusive rates include all meals at the resort's two restaurants, fully stocked minibars, premium drinks, and free Wi-Fi. Though there are a variety of on-site activities, peace and relaxation are also easy to find.

Hilton Papagayo Costa Rica Resort & Spa


The Hilton Papagayo Costa Rica Resort & Spa offers a welcome departure from the typical all-inclusive scene. You won't find any annoying bracelet programs, tired buffets, or tacky staff performances here. Instead, the Hilton offers name-brand liquor, exceptional food, and classy live music performances. Rooms are impressively large, and immaculately clean, even if the decor is a bit bland. All rooms have balconies, and some suites feature gorgeous private plunge pools with incredible ocean views. Adults and children will be equally happy here: with an excellent spa, free kayaks and snorkel gear on the beach, and a three-tiered pool with a swim-up bar, there is certainly no shortage of on-site entertainment.

andBeyond Xaranna Okavango Delta Camp, Botswana


andBeyond Xaranna Okavango Delta Camp isn't just a hotel, it's an experience. This ultra luxurious safari lodge in the middle of Botswana's Okavango Delta is a place where guests can get up close and personal with all kinds exotic wildlife. Here, everything, and we mean everything (excellent Pan-African food, guided excursions, game drives, river cruises, bush walks, etc.) is included in the price of your stay. The nine safari tents feature big soaking tubs, indoor/outdoor showers, private plunge pools, and four poster beds, with a sleek decor and water lily motif inspired by the delta region.

Adaaran Prestige Ocean Villas, Maldives


Renovated in 2015, the all-inclusive Adaaran Prestige Ocean Villas offers some of the most affordable overwater villas near Male. This sub-resort shares a private island with Adaaran Select Hudhuranfushi, which means guests can take advantage of the larger resort's amenities, including a pool, fitness center, spa, tennis court, and five bars. The hotel's spacious overwater bungalows feature private decks with direct access to the turquoise waters below. All have large bathrooms with soaking tubs and rainfall showerheads, beautiful canopied beds, and fully stocked minibars. Adaaran Prestige is also one of the best hotels for surfing in the Maldives, and personal butlers can arrange all sorts of water-related excursions and activities.

Grand Velas Riviera Maya


The Grand Velas Riviera Maya -- set on over 80 acres of mangroves that meet a postcard-perfect beach of white sand and turquoise waters -- is one of Playa del Carmen's most sophisticated properties. It features 491 top-notch suites spread out in three different buildings (two family-friendly, one adults-only), all with their own stunning pool complexes, gyms, and restaurants. Discerning travelers will appreciate Grand Velas' exceptional butler service, incredible spa, outstanding cuisine, and eco-friendly practices.

The Village Coconut Island, Phuket


Only accessible by water taxi or helicopter ride, The Village Coconut Island has a feeling of exclusivity and seclusion. Here, huge contemporary villas and suites come equipped with full kitchens or kitchenettes, and some even have plunge pools with spectacular views of the gardens or the gorgeous Phang Nga Bay. There are three on-site restaurants, and a cooking school where guests can learn to make traditional Thai cuisine. The hotel's two beautiful infinity-edge pools are real highlights, but guests can also enjoy the hotel's private beach and water sports such as kayaking and sailing.

Fowl Cay Resort, Bahamas


Crowded beaches are unheard of at Fowl Cay Resort, a private island retreat where a maximum of 28 guests have free range of 50 acres and three beaches. Each spacious villa comes with free use of its own personal boat and golf cart, fully stocked kitchens and wet bars, and jaw dropping island views. All-inclusive rates are just that--everything from top shelf liquor to water sports equipment is included in the price of a villa rental. However, some of the villas feature outdated decor and worn furnishings that seem inconsistent with the resort's high nightly rates.

Pullman Marrakech Palmeraie Resort and Spa


A chic oasis with Moroccan flair, the Pullman Marrakech Palmeraie Resort and Spa is an all-inclusive hotel with a little something for everyone. The resort shines with its activities for children -- multiple outdoor pools, mini-golf, a kids' club, petting zoo, and giant trampolines are all on-site. On the other hand, adults will appreciate the decadent spa with a traditional hammam, the exquisite dining options (including a restaurant serving traditional Moroccan fare), and the comprehensive all-inclusive rates. Rooms are large with modern design features and private balconies or patios. Though it's a bit removed from town, the hotel offers free shuttle service should guests choose to venture off the property.

Princess Andriana Resort & Spa, Rhodes


The Hatzilazarou Family -- self-described as "obsessed" with hospitality -- built the Princess Andriana Resort & Spa, overlooking Kiotari beach, in 2011 to impress their primary clientele: couples and families. And let's just say they achieved their goal, as this places is impressive. An upscale resort, Princess Andriana features a modern design with bold architectural features and a crisp, clean color palette. The massive pool is where most guests spend their days, but there are lots of other entertainment options for kids including archery, tennis, a playground, and watersports rentals on the beach. Rooms are serene and stylish, and some even have balconies with private plunge pools. However, the property is far from both the airport and Rhodes town.

Casa de Campo, Dominican Republic


The D.R.'s classiest, most famous resort since 1974, Casa de Campo is part of a massive, 7,000-acre resort community that includes three world-renowned Pete Dye golf courses, an immaculate beach, a marina, the quaint "town" of Altos de Chavon, and numerous other on-site activities. Sleek rooms have varied decor, and come with all the modern amenities a traveler could want -- flat-screen TVs, iPod docks, Wi-Fi, separate showers and soaking tubs, and private balconies. Excellent food is served from over a dozen restaurants, including an outpost of Le Cirque. And of course, like most Caribbean resorts (just kidding), there is also an equestrian center and a shooting range.

Adler Thermae Spa and Relax Resort, Tuscany


Part of a small luxury hotel chain originating in the Italian Alps, the Adler Thermae Spa and Relax Resort is a Tuscan retreat nestled in a small thermal village in the Siena countryside. This resort makes the most of its natural setting, offering indoor and outdoor thermal pools and serving locally grown food, but its modern decor sets it apart from other properties in Tuscany. Rooms are spacious and feature modern bathrooms with soaking tubs and private balconies or patios. There are all sorts of amenities for a relaxing or active escape, with miles of hiking and biking trails, along with bike rentals, and a kid's club with supervised activities for children.

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Asia-Pacific | Business Wire

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Nov 3, 2015 at 13:08 o\clock

New the convenient chandlery phuket?

EAST MARINE Co. Ltd., located in Phuket's Boat Lagoon, was established in 2006 and is owned and operated by Scott Bradley.

Scott has been around boats all his life: sailing dinghys at 4 years old, building boats with his dad from 6 and more recently owning yachts and skippering motor yachts. He has been a qualified shipwright since 1988 and started his own boat repair facility in Thailand in 1997 and then EAST MARINE in 2006.

EAST MARINE is both a retail and a wholesale company with the retail shop in Boat lagoon under the same roof as Precision Shipwright Services Co. Ltd. EAST MARINE sells wholesale throughout Thailand and to several countries in Southeast Asia.

EAST MARINE have been distributing the following well-known products since 2006:

Arcus rigging wire from Australia

Awlgrip and International yacht paints from Akzo Nobel, Singapore

Donaghys Southern Ocean ropes from Australia

Force 10? stoves from Canada

Man Ship stainless steel hatches and deck hardware from Taiwan

Martyr anodes from CMP Global, Canada

Muir windlasses from Australia

Navtec rigging hardware from America

Profurl? furlers and Wichard? marine hardware from France

R.U.P.E.S. tools from Italy

Redtree Industries? paint brushes from USA

Sea Rig rigging terminals from KZ Marine, New Zealand

Selden? rigging hardware and Furlex furlers from Sweden

Sinox Ocean? rigging hardware from Thailand

Stalok rigging terminals from England

West System epoxy from ATL Composites, Australia

href='https://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20100530224539AAkjjpf' - https://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20100530224539AAkjjpf -